YouTube Training Event

By Ebadu Rahman ( YouTube Certified ),
Leading Social Media Consultant & Technology Vlogger 

18-November-2017, Saturday @ ibis ,Kochi


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09.30 Registration

Come and Register for Participation

10.00 AM - Welcome Session

Introduction By Ebadu Rahman , Welcome Session

10.30 AM : YouTube Intro

Introduction to YouTube & Basics

11.00 AM : Break 

Tea Break

11.30 AM : Starting a Channel

Session to Educate , how to start a YouTube Channel professionally

12.00 PM : Strategy Planning

Best practices & Strategies for a Successful Youtube Channel

12.30 PM : Make Cash

How to Monetize your Content in YouTube

01.00 PM : Lunch Break

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02.00 PM : Practical Session 

Experience the professional way of content publishing

03.00 PM : Live Streaming 

Both YouTube & Facebook Way of Live broadcasting 

04.00 PM : Tools 

Introducing tools for Youtube & Facebook

05.00 PM: Bringing Viewers

Finally how to bring Subscribers & Viewers for Channels

05.00-06.00 PM QA

You may Discuss or Ask any questions in this session


Ebadu Rahman

Social Media Consultant

For Ebadu, social media is not for just entertainment. “People here are yet to realise the reach and market of social media. It can be used for so many positive purposes.


Learn  the Professional Way of Publishing 

More than money, what attracted me is its potential for social purposes. Vlogs can be started with a zero budget – you just need a mobile phone. And you can make money by spreading good ideas and not cheap stuff. Be a responsible social media user,” he says, inviting more content creators.


INR 500

Total FEE :  INR 3000/-
(Rest fee can be paid at Venue )
All Inclusive pricing
Lunch , Coffee , Tea , Snacks  Included

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Ebadu Rahman

P: +91 9072446993

Padma Junction, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Shenoys, Ernakulam, Kerala 682035